20. Socks

Warm and Dry Socks

by Max Audureau


That’s what came to me. 

My feet were cold, so I swiftly covered myself with my dry and warm socks. They were hanging from the rack, on which they had gone from wet to dry, without my noticing, as they do all the time. I decided that I wanted to illustrate my gratitude to that moment. So, it felt necessary to emulate this process. I never witness the stages through which my socks go, from soaked to dry, so I took on the venture of staging it myself. 


The video is there to show an unsuccessful attempt of myself trying to dry my own socks with a hair dryer. It took about 25 minutes (sped up to around two minutes) for the hair dryer to overheat, causing it to stop working. I felt as though the hair dryer would allow me to see my socks progressively dry, being such a slow way of drying things that are thicker than hair. 

Despite the failed attempt, I thought that in fact I managed to insist on the gratitude I hold towards the natural and slow process through which socks dry on a rack. 


During the process of this piece, I, at numerous times, felt culpable and wrong to pose myself the question in finding what I’d be grateful for, when I never do so. It made me feel odd, as nothing came to me, partly because I never think of it as much. After all, I feel thankful for having the possibility to base my project in something slightly, or seemingly, maybe, irrelevant. That regarding my favorable position, one in which, I never question where my gratitude lies.