13. Reminder

A Reminder

by Adela Campbell


As a response to the brief for this project I begun by making a list of things that I’m grateful for. The list started by naming what I would consider to be the most important in life: my friends, my family, my bed, my senses, my body, running water, living in London, and a few others. 

As I continued writing down what I’m thankful for, the list narrowed down to everyday things which I realised I took for granted. 


After feeling satisfied with what I had listed, I tried to select only one of them which I would then base my project on. 


After noting down several ideas for different things I’m thankful for, I felt that I couldn’t choose only one. The are so many great things in my everyday life that I wanted to express through my work for this project. I wanted my work to focus on the mundane, the little things in life which pass by unnoticed and are taken for granted.