16. References

Infinite Me

by Anna Senpau


Before having a clear idea about my artwork for Nimia I was speaking a lot about it with my boyfriend David, whom is also participating. He was working around the dreams and the symbolism in them.


I was very interested in this topic and started observing the symbology around the dreams as categorised in oneiric archetypes. Such as the numbers, the hero and oneiric actions like: disappear and appear, travel and stay at home, amongst others.

With this, I could see that it was very easy for me to connect these archetypes to the initial idea I had for the project: to be grateful to me.

I decided to look for the connections of these archetypes with my personal life, and so, analyzing each of them, I referenced them in myself and represented them in the final piece; a drawing. For example, the black figure in the middle of the paper means ‘the shadow’ that represents the dark side of the self. Or the pregnant woman represents ‘the great mother’ that it is the symbol of infinite love and the power. For example, the girl laying down on the floors represents the running away and chasing that, in the dreams symbology, is understood to emblematise inferiority.


In conclusion, it was very easy to understand all of these archetypes in a personal context, as I can find many of them in myself or in my environment, and I feel that they represent me.