15. Homage

The Tiger Club Lost its Wings

by Charlie Calvey


When I was a boy, my father used to own a biplane and would frequently take me up flying. It was amazing, we would do aerobatics and play with the clouds; dancing around them. 

He gave me the opportunity to feel a cloud pass through my fingers, which is an incredibly precious experience to have. 


At that age, this all seemed normal to me and I took it for granted. 


My father died from cancer in 2013 and I have not been flying since. When you are young, your world is so small that you never realise the true value of the experiences you are living and I regret not thanking him more. He took me up and showed me the world with the wind in my face and I will be forever grateful for that. 


The plane was based in an aerodrome in Headcorn, and here lived ‘The Tiger Club’: a shabby looking building that acted as meeting place for pilots and flying enthusiasts For us, it was a teleport for the clouds. The title is a nod to that club, its members and my father, whom we lost.