6. Figures

The Ability to Express Myself.
by Alice Carman

I have chosen to represent my gratitude for the ability to express myself creatively. This was a very interesting brief to respond to as, although there are countless things I am grateful for, this particular ‘thing’ had subconsciously been on my mind a lot prior to this brief. 


I struggle to juggle a full time job on top of a want to create, and I have noticed in myself that I feel far more negative and down when I am not making any art of any form whilst simply following the Monday to Friday humdrum routine. During periods where I am creating in my spare time, I can’t express how much happier I am in myself. It isn’t the need to make a product to sell, or profit from etc. It’s a need to express, to let go, to make something out of nothing and to escape the everyday life. 


I have been developing my technique of drawing using my sewing machine for some years now, but recently the idea to combine my drawings onto clothing sort of brings them to life, as well as bringing together my love for fashion and illustration. 


Since being invited to exhibit, instead of ticking along with this particular project, it has pushed me to work more frequently to meet the deadline and as I have been working more I have produced more work. When I got the brief I had, maybe, one thing I was working on that I could have used. Now I have a whole selection of work to choose from to display!