23. Faith

Exvoto Funcional 

by Mateo Palazzi


Display your gratitude. Rejoice always. Pray incessantly. Be endlessly thankful.


An obsolete message. A surplus of praise. Profit plus gratitude: personal success in life. Imperative duty.


Yet unenlightened, the child enters the chapel looking for something within the darkness. In front of him stands a wall bearing arms, legs and other shapes. 

Mare de Deu del Remei hermitage. A vast collection of bids for grace. Ex-votos offering praise. Perhaps seeking reward.

Is an ex-voto functional?


A handle made in bronze, by lost wax casting, as an ex-voto. Door opener. An allegory to utility. Excessively long; suggesting, without evidence, a reverential demeanour.



    Exvoto funcional.* → Apology to functionality/door handle’s use/shape

       ↓  An ex-voto is an offering 

            that the ancients made to 

            their gods, with the motive 

            of thanking their actions 

            and existence.