4. Breakfast

A Good Breakfast
Oscar G. Guardans

There’s a song I really like from Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother (1970) called Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast. It features a sound recording of the band’s roadie, Alan Styles, preparing and eating a hearty breakfast at home. These kitchen sounds are played alongside a delicate musical piece, resulting in a collage which is kind of hypnotic in its simplicity. 


I am a breakfast fanatic myself, and will often appreciate having the time and materials to prepare a decent one. 

Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast came to mind instantly when I began to think about the magic and beauty in a mundane ritual, and I decided to humbly recreate my own version, paying homage to my own breakfast as a truly fantastic event.  So I guess this is my way of saying, hey, churpling sound of frying eggs, hey, coffee machine whistle, 


I know you, I recognise you, I feel safe and warm around you, and I won't take you for granted today.

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