3. Birds

Birds Sing Amongst Noise
Pilar Matji Cabello

Walking around London we are constantly exposed to traffic noise, added up to the constant worry inside your head.


Living in a very busy road I became very unaware of all of the different nature sounds you can find in London, but when I moved to a more residential area I started noticing all of these birds singing around, and that completely switched my mindset. 


Getting out of all the noise and focusing in all of the bird sounds makes me be more present and grateful during the day, for that reason I decided to try to emulate that sound journey that I experience for this exhibition. 


I took my phone and went around recording different tracks of bird sounds and noise, to later mix them together to try to transpose that walk into an audio piece. 


With this sound piece I want to make everyone a participant of that instant soothing feeling you get when you remove yourself from the noise in London and start noticing all of the birds singing, completely unaware of all of our anxieties. 

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