In May of 2019, a collaborative exhibition was held at a private household in South-East London under the name of Nimia.

The exhibition displayed works from a range of different practices, its aim being to create a space for both individual and collective reflection through the means of varied art forms.  All collaborators were invited to contribute work that responded to the same central idea: the creation of a piece that looked at something—anything—they may be grateful for. 


Project Direction – Serena Mirambeau Brey

Website Design – Marta Urbez

Production – Pilar Matji Cabello

Book Design – Offset Studio

Photography – Julia Creuheras Martí

Curation – Leah Berdat, Olivia Albanell, Ana Larruy
and Serena Mirambeau Brey

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the creation of Nimia.

This project has come to fruition due to the generosity and hard work of
all involved.